The Power Habits System



I was sitting in my car and doubting I would ever have the courage to just reach out to people and present them with my business opportunity. I was sitting there with list of people to call and present my business opportunity to. Paralyzed by the stories in my head about how they were just going to think I was “shady” or “too aggressive” or worse a bumbling idiot because I didn’t even know what to say. That is when I realized my problem was not that they were going today “No” to me. My problem was that I truly believed that had already said “No” before I even called them. I knew before I was going to call them I had to change my mind about what I thought they were going to say and what I was thinking. I searched AUDIBLE for a solution and found this amazing audiobook. NOAH taught me the power of “AFFORMATIONS” (yes FORM… not firm) an amazing tool that helped me create true visuals for my affirmations that helped me see that I already had the proof I was going to be successful. I just needed to focus on it. If you struggle with your beliefs about yourself then maybe you need to change your perspective on what you can accomplish by looking for proof in the right places.