This guy is amazing peeps!
1 year ago (Eddie) you helped me begin an entirely new life! You pushed me to look honestly at myself in every way and hold myself accountable for what I allow my life to be. I know that you came into my life at the perfect time and that could only have happened if you had looked at your own self honestly and moved into your own new life so that you could be you when I needed you most. I continue to take steps each day as I replay in my mind very important things that I learned from you. So thank you! From the bottom of my heart to the sky—Thank you for following the path of truth and doing the extra hard things that made you the amazing mentor that you are
....thank you for being YOU
— Deborah A.
If you have considered hiring a personal coach or business coach, please take the time to talk with Eddie Villa before you make a decision. Eddie is passionate about what he does and he will be passionate about helping you find YOUR why. He won’t stop until you do, and I love that about him. I am honored to call him my friend, and you will be better for inviting him into your life, just as I have been.
— Amy V.
I was blessed to be able to work with this fanstatic man for the past month. Not just for my business but also for myself. Let me tell you little about where I was and now where I’m at. I was a VP for a company for a few years. A strong person with a lot of confidence very positive about my life and my job. Well that changed when the owners decided to sell. I lost it and everything. I put my heart and everything else into something that wasn’t mine. Well, needless to say I couldn’t find myself or the strength to move forward until now and be my own person. A few years have gone by needless to say about 9. (Never to late to change if you want to).
So, enter the Villa’s thankfully which I have been watching for the past couple of months. What is so nice that (they) offer guidance to everyone.... I was able to join in his coaching opportunity the past month. Let’s just say with his guidance and knowing he was there for me has helped with myself and my team. I have been able to rebuild that foundation to further my career goals with a clearer mind frame. (He) has helped so much. No longer in a fog. Had to really dig deeper within myself than I have ever in my life to let go of the past and move forward.
So if you are able to take Eddie’s Coaching opportunity take it. This will be something that helps you everyday in this crazy world we call life. Grateful that I was able to and blessed.
Thank you Eddie Villa.....:)
— Debye M.