My painful lessons become valuable for you here

THESE TRAININGS COME FROM MY MOST PAINFUL MISTAKES THAT LEAD TO MY BIGGEST SUCCESSES. I have compiled them here for you to use and get value for yourself. Every one of them has generated THOUSANDS for me and it is my goal to share them with you. I want you to WIN faster than I did.

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THE 90 DAY PUSH $97 (On Special)

This is my most exiting training. I HATED feeling like I was the only one who cared about building a Network Marketing business. I couldn’t do it all by myself so I had to learn how to help others get CLEAR about what they wanted, help them get committed to getting it and staying in action so that we could all get the freedoms we always talk about.


12 Weeks of Step by Step Challenges to launch your own personal/team 90 day push.

  1. What to do every week

  2. How to create your own TEAM EVENT to create massive momentum,

  3. Social Media Marketing, List building and MORE!


  1. 4 Trainings on how to visualize, plan, launch and finish a 90 day push

    1. PRE LAUNCH - Goal setting and inviting others to join you in a push

    2. THE PUSH - How to lead weekly, do weekly calls and hold people accountable to finish the push

    3. POST PUSH - How to finish a push without being burned out and create long lasting residual income.

    4. THE WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS - 12 ideas for weekly challenges that will help you stay moving


    1. How to take your fears, self doubts and the stories you tell that had you back AND USE THEM TO PSUH YOU INTO ACTION

    2. You will also get a great tool to help you use this anytime you are not taking action

  3. Facebook Messenger Marketing and List Building

    1. How to build a Facebook Messenger List to market products and opportunities to people who actually want your content

  4. Facebook Messenger Closing

    1. How to get people to have conversations in facebook messenger

    2. How to present your products and programs

    3. How to close

  5. Private Access to a Facebook Group with your peers