Your Success Zone Will Always Equal Your Comfort Zone

I am so sorry to say this. The truth is I don't like it either. In fact I HATE IT but it's law. The law of growth and expansion is discomfort. 


I learned this a couple years ago when I overcame my fear of public embarrassment by doing things that frightened me. VIDEOS! I had a fear that people would watch them and just make fun of me, tell me my ideas sucked or just plain tell me to stop immediately.

What I learned was that as soon as I got comfortable doing videos on a regular basis I suddenly ran into a new fear. NO ONE WAS GOING TO WATCH THEM! 

Isn't that weird?

I actually shifted my belief from, "Everyone's going to watch my videos and tell me to shut up" to "No one is going watch my videos and I won't matter!" 

I learned that no matter what you do there will always be a fear. No matter what you do your comfort will always have a limit. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO there will always be something you need to overcome in order to have more. 

In order to play in this game called, "Expansion" you have to consider that for once in your life it's not ok to just stay where you are. It's not ok to just accept the cards you have been dealt.

It's not OK to be anything but AMAZING!!

YOUR SUCCESS ZONE WILL ALWAYS EQUAL YOUR COMFORT ZONE means that in order to have more than you have right now you are going to have to be more than you are right now.

Give the video below a watch and find out how to take that next step!