Why People Get Stuck

First off I need to be honest here and say there is a reason I know a lot about this subject. 

Bottom line... I wrote this blog post for me. 

What is getting stuck?

Have you ever had a dream where something is chasing you and your feet just don't work? You want to run so badly but your body will just not take action. It is the worst kinds of dreams to have and also the most common... WHY IS THAT?

According to an article found at dreaminterpretationtoolkit.com:
"...there is either something going on in your life that you want--or need--to get away from, or there is something or someone that you need to run toward, but you don't have what's needed to do it."

That is PRECISELY what is happening!

Here is something you desperately want to be able to do but you CAN'T! Why? There's two possible reasons

1. You lack the skills/capacity
We are a fast food society and we want massive success right now... but it just doesn't work that way. You have to take risks and that means you could work real hard for a long time and never have success. THERE I SAID IT! (Yeah that is a really crappy belief to take on). 

2. You lack the belief
Often times we want to have everything the successful have (6 figure work from home businesses, loving marriages, fit bodies, more confidence, etc etc) but we are unwilling to change who we are or (God forbid) actually do something uncomfortable.

WARNING: The next line might actually inspire you so... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

TRUTH BOMB: You can always have more than what you have because you can always be more than what you have been

Why should that inspire you?

It means that ANYONE can do it! Anyone can be more. It doesn't matter where you are in life. You can always start where you are and take one step forward!

SO! What is stopping you from taking that step?

Watch this video and maybe my story and how I talk to myself will give you some perspective.