Why Large (FREE) Coaching Groups Don't Work

Even the mere mention of the word "Workshop" makes me give pause...

...because of how many times I have seen people join groups and workshops that were doomed to fail from the start.

My life started after a group coaching program. 4 years ago I hated myself so much because I could not get past my own fears and self doubt. The man who organized a powerful and highly effective group coaching (that I was apart of) did it PERFECTLY!

How do I know?

You follow me. You actually are reading this blog. You actually find value in something I have said or do. THAT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if I did not first get put into a position where I would find value in me first.

So here are a couple of things that he did right and a couple of things I see others doing wrong.

Remember. Coaching is required to grow a business. There is no way around it. Effective coaching is going to have a cost. That cost is part of why it works! After I worked with him for 1 month I did the work exactly like he told me and a year later I launched a very successful coaching business as my wife and I achieved the rank of Diamond in dōTERRA. Over the last 2 years I have grown that coaching business as my wife and I make our way to achieving Blue Diamond (coming soon). 

WARNING: If you don't at least consider these perspectives I am sharing with you then it's highly likely you will waste your time, get frustrated and actually believe that building a business (especially a network marketing business with dōTERRA) is not for you. 

1. Small groups where accountability and support is possible

What is a small group? No more than 5-10 people. That's it. Anything bigger makes it impossible to have enough time to keep people from hiding in the background. In order to build a massive business you have to face fears, get uncomfortable and be truly vulnerable. Without accountability this is not possible. 

2. There must be a COST!

(As my mentor once told me) "You have to pay the piper"

If it's FREE then the group has to be real small and there has to be added accountability and support. 

Once again in order to be able to overcome fears there has to be a "No way out" component. For example... I will not quit so long as I have 2 people who depend on my showing up every week. I will also not show up every week without having something positive to report when it comes to my effort. 

Follow me so far?!?!

1. Large groups that have no cost.

Why? Because there is nothing loss when you quit. Just your pride. Let's face it though. If you have already done that over and over again then one more time really isn't a big deal. Is it?

I know how you think because I thought that way too. This is why I know how to help people because I went through it all. The fear. The lies. The self doubt and procrastination. All of it! I love people too much to let them hurt themselves anymore. It's TIME TO RISE UP MY FRIENDS! 

2. Accountability "partners"

When two people agree to meet every week and hold each other accountable. Truthfully I believe it is possible for this to work but it is SO RARE I will never recommend it. Two people sharing their struggles and trying to hold each other accountable at the same time is not only ineffective but it's also awkward!

It is so much easier to be held accountable and be able to receive support from people who aren't sharing their weaknesses with me at the same time. There is something more effective psychologically and I will use that to my advantage. 

These are just a couple things that I know to be true about groups. Watch the video below where I talk about a lot more about this subject that I have a deep passion for.