How To Move Forward Without Your Nonexistent Upline

Yeah...this is probably going to be "TOO REAL" for you.

It's ok if it is... You can always just move on to something a little more fluffy and cute.

One of my talents is being able to take an emotion and break it down for people to understand.

I also have a talent for tugging at heart strings.

The reason I work so hard at being able to do this is that it GET'S RESULTS!

Too many people run and hide from their problems with the intention that they will go away. I don't anymore. I REFUSE TO ANYMORE. This sometimes makes me un popular (Yes I get unfollowed and blocked from time to time) 

This blog post comes from years of hearing stories about people with uplines who are not working out for them and they don't know what to do.

If you struggle with your upline (or maybe just struggled with your parents when you were growing up) then this blog post is for you.

ACTUALLY this is a better message watched in a video. BEFORE YOU WATCH IT THOUGH take note of this.

1. Having a supportive upline (or parent for that matter) is not a guarantee for success. Often times they can get in the way

2. Having a destructive upline (or parent) is not a guarantee of failure. Often times they can be the catalyst for greatness.

3. It is your responsibility to create that which you lack. Meaning... you can complain and that's ok. Just know that once you are done complaining it's now your job to be the pioneer in your business (our family).

In this video I talk about how to move forward without an upline and I learned it from my own experiences with my father. 

WARNING: I GET VERY REAL AND RAW HERE. The video below is for people who are working hard to build a business without a support system that they want to emulate. 

If you want to meet with me and talk about it. I share with you an option in the video.


Don't say I didn't warn you! 

P.S. If you get value from this... it's now your responsibility to share it.