How to Find Clarity & Increase Your Influence

Why do we all need clarity? Why must I be an influencer?

To the Mom who is watching her husband work hours and hours and wanting desperately to contribute to the family income... this is for you. To the Man who is just discovering that the better you get at your job the more they demand of you... this is for you. To the Entrepreneur who is working their ass off and feeling like a hamster in a wheel, going nowhere fast... this is for you. To the Leader who has discovered all of life’s secrets and the freedoms that come with hard work and still struggle with helping others who doubt themselves... this is for you.

My friends, this blog is your wake up call. It’s your slap in the face. It’s the blue pill from The Matrix. It’s time to stop the BS and get real. It’s time for you to learn the truth. WHILE YOU ARE INFINITELY UNIQUE, YOUR PROBLEMS ARE COMMON. Too many people go through this world thinking the opposite is true and because of this belief they become their own worse enemy.

Here’s how you will know that this is you ... Tell me if this sounds familiar. You go through life and suddenly you are hit with a problem. Maybe, you looked at your bank account and wondered where did all the money go? You looked yourself up and down in the mirror and thought something needs to change. You had another argument with your spouse, someone you work with or your kids, and thought that holding back who you truly are is the only solution.

Then you did the worse thing anyone in these situations can do... you stopped being who you are because you thought it was getting in the way.

Once you stop being who you are that’s when the viscous cycle begins. Here’s what that cycle looks like: peaks and valleys. Sometimes everything is going great and then out of nowhere everything comes crumbling down. Then things pick up again only to start falling apart. Up and down we go, over and over again until we look back and feel like we have not gone anywhere.

That’s where the final crippling thought comes into your mind. The thought that has kept the world from being able to experience what is truly amazing about you. Maybe I am not meant to have what I want. Maybe this is just not right for me? Maybe this burning desire in me is only a pipe dream and I should get my head out of the clouds.

THAT’S IT! That’s the final straw, my valuable friend. NO MORE! It’s time to celebrate what’s unique about you. It’s time to go all in and do it despite what you or anyone else thinks about what you are capable of. It’s time to use your “God Given” talents and value to serve others in a way that honors who you truly are inside. It’s time to realize you are enough.

Here is the formula you need to take very seriously. Your Talents/Strengths + Action = Small Wins.

At some point, those small wins will start to add up. After you have gathered enough small wins, small victories, small, measurable, positive results you will notice something amazing. PROGRESS! Progress that comes from being who you are will lead to CERTAINTY. Certainlt that who you are is enough! No more room for BS. No more room for lies. No more room for hesitation. All that’s left is nothing but success. Getting everything what you want by being you on a higher level. Doing it all by honoring who you truly are and everything you want to be.

It’s time to find clarity to become an influencer and BECOME AN AUTHENTIC ENTREPRENEUR. This is who I have decided to become. The person who helps people see how unique they are, train them to use their unique combination of strengths and apply them efficiently to get what they want. The sad truth is that I can’t solve all of those problems here in this blog. You would have to join one of my groups or hire me personally to do that. Over the past five years, I have helped hundreds of people generate an income authentically.

That being said, I am about to give you some clear direction on how you can get back on track quickly. So read this, take notes and then learn about my programs. Peoples lives are changed in them.


In order to become an influencer you have to stop focusing on what is not working. No one got better at anything by talking about how much they suck at it.

1. Let go of what you are not good at. Do just enough to make sure it doesn’t get in the way. I have spent my entire life studying successful people. When I was a kid I was all ways fascinated with great leaders in sports, politics, entertainment... everything. The pattern I noticed was that they all had an obsession with one thing. They found what they were good at and developed it. Over and over again. It was like a drug for them. So much so that they looked at the areas of their life that they ere not good at and just got good enough at them to make sure they didn’t get in the way of what they were good at. When I was trying to be the top salesman at a company I once worked for I was amazing at closing sales but struggled with organizing my paperwork. Rather than stress about my lack of clerical ability I simply learned short cuts, tricks and other ways to make sure that the basic needs were met so that I could spend more time focusing on doing what I was best at. What are you best at? Is it connecting with people? Is it learning? Is it getting things done? Is it being able to get others moving forward in their lives?

2. Decide what you want, why it matters AND what’s going to happen if you don’t do the work. These three questions pulled me out of the worse depression I have ever experienced in my life. I had just been fired for the second time within a 60 day period. I truly believe God was trying to tell me it was time to stop working for others. The fear of failing at growing my own business was crippling. I doubted everything about myself and honestly believed I was of no value to anyone. That was when I realized my problem was not my situation or everyone else that contributed to it. My problem was me. My lack of belief in myself would always be in the way. So I discovered the power of these three questions. I discovered I couldn’t move forward until I was crystal clear about these answers. I learned that I wanted 1 million dollars in my bank account (at the time this was a representation of freedom). I wanted it because I never wanted to go back to work for someone ever again. I was so done with that life, and I realized that if I never did what I needed to do to get what I wanted then I would have to go back to work for someone who WAS WILLING to do the work. That was when I realized I had no choice. I had to get to work on me and fast. 3. Focus on what you love doing and monetize it! There was a time (early in my business) that my amazing wife and I were making decent money in our business but I was not happy at all. I was simply not honoring my talents. I learned that financial freedom can become a financial prison if I am not doing what I truly love to grow that business. That’s when I discovered that I had a powerful talent for helping people get clear about their goals, learn how to develop their talents to grow themselves and being able to challenge them effectively to get results! Once I finally decided to find a way to monetize it I went to work fast. I was doing live videos online where I would share how to find your why, strategies to overcome fear and how to sell using social media. Yes! I was literally teaching people how to do what I was currently learning how to do for myself because I loved talking about it. That’s when I decided to launch a private coaching business. I had been delivering value for months and when I told people I was now offering private coaching... within 3 days I had 5 new clients. Just like that! It’s an amazing feeling when you discover that your unique talents and strengths are highly valuable to other people. So valuable they are willing to pay for it.


Here are 2 things you must do every single day to use your talents and skills to influence others to move forward in their lives:
1. Show everyone your value.  Every single day you must share something you know, learn or have accomplished. You are good at something so talk about it. There are people in the world who simply don’t have your skills. Share them online, in person, in groups... anywhere you can. Reach out to people you know and tell them that you have a business that you love and offer your services to them. People often suffer in silence and unless you reach out to them you will never know you can help them.

2. Under promise and over deliver.  Find out what people need. Where do they struggle? Get clear about the problems they have that you can help them solve. Show them your way of doing things will help them, offer your services and when they buy... deliver more value than what you charged them for. THIS WILL MAKE YOU UNFORGETTABLE. They will be referring you to everyone they know because they loved how you made them feel. Their trust with with you will be a massive asset. In my years and years of coaching I have never once had to reach out and beg people to let me coach them. My business is all being built on referrals.

3. Hire help.  There are a lot of things that are required to grow a business. You have two choices. You can do it the really hard way or you can do it the really easy way. I once did it the hard way. I worked my butt off every day trying to do the things I thought would build my business. I worked so much and always became frustrated when I would see other people growing faster. That’s when I realized the problem was that I was doing things that I THOUGHT would work. How could I be the one to get my business growing if I had never done it before? That’s when I started hiring coaches. I remember when I spent my first dollar trying to earn something from someone else. It was like my life had changed almost over night. I was working with someone who understood me and was able to help me do things the right way. In one year my income doubled! Everyone needs a coach. We can’t do this our way and expect different results. We must hire someone to help us understand what’s missing. We need someone to be there when we doubt ourselves. We need someone to kick us in the butt when we don’t want to do the work. We need someone to show they way. That’s what I do. I help people do what they need to do and in a way that honors who they are. Yes... I also have coaches. In fact, as I am writing this blog post I currently have 5 coaches for different parts of my life and business. Why? Because I will never allow myself to get in my way again.

I hope you got massive value from this blog and I hope you share it with others who you feel need it too. Think about them and use this blog post to help them move forward too. Sharing everything you know with everyone you can is how you will build you and your business authentically.