How Gratitude Puts Money Into Your Bank Account


JULY of 2011 was the final straw.

I was walking home from work... actually it was not "work" anymore. It would be the last time I would ever work in the apartment industry.

I was done with that business. In fact that's exactly what I told my (now former) boss. 

She had come into my office in the middle of the day to fire me. In front of the entire staff. She did close the office door but the entire event was visible through the large windows. She handed me a check and said, "The company sent me here to fire you". My stomach dropped. It was the second time in 60 days. I must have looked like a deer in headlights. 

What happened?

Simple. I wasn't the right man for the job. I WAS A SALES PERSON AND SALES COACH! Not a person who sits behind a desk and deposits checks all day. I was only doing that work because it was the position that paid the most in an industry I once loved. I had ZERO gratitude for the job but had no problem accepting $55K per year to do it.  

She looked so perplexed. "What happened?", She asked me. All I could tell her was, "I don't know". I then I did the only thing I could think to do. I told her about a couple issues on the property that I was dealing with and then proceeded to fill a box with my personal items that were on my desk. A couple pictures, some binders I had created to help me better manage the property and a couple awards I won at my other job that I brought in to remind me that I was good. 

As I slowly began to make my way out of the office she said, "You know you are a great salesman. If I had a leasing manager position open I would..."  I interrupted her, "Ummm... I think I'm done with this business" And I walked out. 

I remember the last person I saw as I headed out was one of the young kids who worked there. He was shocked that I was fired and I thanked him for that, as I walked off the property wearing my suit and holding my box.

I then walked home. 5 miles. 

Why did I walk home?

We only could afford 1 car at the time and I didn't have the guts to call my wife to tell her why I needed her to come pick me up 4 hours early. Oh, my poor wife.

As I walked home I was trying to figure out what I was going to do next. I had no interest in ever going to work for someone again and so I couldn't think of anything.

When I came home early I saw the look in Angela's eyes. She knew.... She knew and she was about to lose it. I pulled her into our bedroom where we could have some privacy and I told her what happened. The shock in her face. The feeling I had while I imagined her second guessing the decision to ever marry me.

This feeling I was having was what created the anger, the depression and the desperation I would experience later on. 

 Then she just said the words that would change our lives. "That's it. We're doing dōTERRA"


After this we both set out to do the business together but I was so desperate to make this business work I called everyone I could think of. Called people I use to work with, old friends ... Family. EVERYONE!

I enrolled a couple people but I chased so many more away. My desperation was obvious, it was costing me money and prospects were not responding to my calls or messages anymore. 

This is where my message about the power of gratitude comes in. Watch this video below so you can hear how things changed for me and our business.