Work 6 days rest for 1


In the past I have always pushed hard because...

...I was always desperate for fast results. Like if I wanted to lose 40 lbs I wanted it off in a week. I know it's crazy but it's allows true. It wasn't until I got coaching and started hanging around the ultra successful that I realized you have to take regular breaks!

So during a push like this working 6 days and then taking 1 off every week has really made a difference. Here's my day off and how I am doing with my goals so far.



1. 228 lbs by August 31st
2. A 95% in Spirituality
3. A 95% in Relationships with Kids and Marriage
4. Presidential Diamond by December 2017


1. 243 lbs
2. Meditated and journaled 6 times in 7 days  (95%)
3. Wrote messages to my kids 3 of the 7 days, dated each of them 6 of the 7 days and dated Angela 2 of the 7 days. (95%)
4. Did not hit Blue Diamond this month. 

What's working?

1. Eating "On Plan" 24 out of 28 meals. Weight loss is in the kitchen
2. Getting my meditation and journal writing before 9am and making sure it is always posted in the BLOG
3. Making sure that all dates and messages are scheduled in my calendar daily
4. Having 40 people in our business pushing for 90 days with me and doing weekly calls where they can connect on a regular basis.

WHAt's not working?

1. Not planning ahead for late night snack attacks.
2. Doing it after my workouts. 
3. Not including my oldest daughter who I miss in my messages. 
4. Still looking for 5 more people who want to make $1500 a month by end December 2018

strategy to improve

1. Plan dinner and after dinner meals or snacks by 2pm every day
2. Meditate before workouts and basketball to be more focused and efficient
3. Message my oldest daughter on Snapchat. I just found her profile.
4. Do a weekly webinar on the benefits and requirements on the positions