What does Balance in everything  really look like?

I remember my mentor once asking me if I ever knew someone who was really wealthy but was on their fourth marriage. If I ever saw someone who was extremely fun and a loyal friend but was terribly overweight and chronically sick. If I ever saw someone who was very chill, spiritual and connected but was always broke and wore shoes that looked like they were 10 years old

I remember lots of people like that in my life and I just grew up thinking that was the way it had to be. If I was going to be wealthy I would have to give up all my time with my friends and family. If I wanted to be really healthy and strong I would never get to know what it was like to party with my other friends.

I stuck to that story so hard my entire life until the day came when my mentor taught me a way to HAVE IT ALL as he would put it. 


I couldn't believe it was possible until I did the work for the last couple years and found that if I were to grade myself in all these areas of my life I would seriously give myself an A (or at the very least an A-) It took a long time to let go of the old belief just so it would be possible for me to even find out if it's possible.

Here's the basics of what I do daily and some reality of how possible this would be if I still worked for a big corporation like I once did. I also want to give you something that will really help you with your TIME MANAGEMENT.

My DAILY power message

When I was doing my morning meditation I kept experiencing times in my life when I was poorly trained for the job they were paying me to do. How they trained me was so basic that when I got out into the field to do the work... I was completely unprepared for how old the job actually works. This was an extremely frustrating Work environment. It sucked! All throughout my meditation I kept reliving these events.

This is a huge positive because it is a reminder of what kind of coach I really want to be. It challenged me to re-think the way I and the people around me teach other people how to do what we do. I do a lot of training events all over the country every month and something is going to improve with how we develop people.


The lesson I learned is I can either learn or teach to inspire or I can train to get results.


When it comes to my health I can either learn how to exercise and how to eat from a general standpoint, or I can learn how to exercise and how to eat in real life situations. Like when I am hangry, or when I forgot to prep food, or when I am dining out.

When it comes to my spirituality I can either learn that daily meditation, scripture study and being positive is a good thing or I can learn how to do these things in real life situations like when I’m angry, tired, don’t believe in myself or Guide or any other real life situations.

This can apply to my relationships with my kids and my wife and myself because I can either sit back and say these are the things that are good to do to help you be a good father husband and producer or learn how to practice these actions in real life situations when I don’t want to. Like how to be grateful and calm when my kids are really making me crazy.

This is a special lesson in my business because I can spend time listening to positive messages about how Customer Service should always be number one, how staying focused daily is a good thing or I can practice applying these lessons in times when I don’t want to or in times when it’s completely inconvenient for me personally. That's where my business becomes amazing. When I am able to do it in real life situations.


The one revelation I am getting from this is learning what to do is great but learning how to do it in real life situations when it’s hardest creates true greatness.


In the next 48 hours I’m committed to writing a training to help people take great tips and suggestions and put them in a environment where they get to practice these tips and strategies repeatedly together to help gain true confidence and create true greatness in their own lives in business.

The first event where I am going to be implementing this new style of training will be in Las Vegas in July. Then the following week we are going to do it again in Temecula, Ca. At these events we will not be there to inspire people. We will be there to TRAIN THEM!

People already love our training events. This is going to take everything to a new level.

heck out the EVENTS PAGE in my FACEBOOK PAGE and look up when the next event will be.