WEEK 3 Assesments




1. 228 lbs by August 31st
2. A 95% in Spirituality
3. A 95% in Relationships with Kids and Marriage
4. Presidential Diamond by December 2017. NEED 5 qualified people who want $1500/mo


1. 248 (I rolled backwards... CRAP!)
2. 95% in spirituality (YES!)
3. A 95% in Relationships with kids and marriage (I'M KILLING IT HERE!)
. Still need 5 more people who want to build a business with us. These spots are precious and so far we haven't found someone who qualifies. 

What's working?

1. Paying close attention to how I feel after I eat certain foods
2. Prayer every day. Starting with gratitude for what I have been given and asking for what I want because I can't do it all myself.
3. Challenging myself daily to spend time with each of my kids and making sure DATE NIGHT is ALWAYS ADDED TO THE CALENDAR! (All caps means Passion right?)
4. Having 40 people in our business pushing for 90 days with me and doing weekly calls where they can connect on a regular basis. I love meeting with my team every week. THEY ARE AWESOME!

What's NOT working?

1. Not paying close attention to my emotions and how they effect my food decisions.
2. Staying committed to getting my daily journaling and posting it in the BLOG
3. Telling stories about my kids that aren't conducive to being a patient father. When I get impatient with them it can be perceived as putting them down and not having in pride in how amazing they really are. 
4. Getting stressed about not being able to help people when they just aren't ready for the abundance that comes with this business. I often want it for them more then they do.

Strategy to improve

1. Use Essential Oils and Meditation at 4pm to help make better decisions with eating at the end of the day. I become a madman with my hunger right at about 5pm.
2. Committing to getting my daily journaling in before the kids wake up in the morning at 7am.
3. Schedule in one on one time with each of my kids based on who needs it at that time. Keep the block of time empty to allow flexibility with choosing how and with who I will spend time with. I am also going to set a goal to find out what each of my kids really wants for themselves right now. What makes them smile.
4. Start doing a presentation on the business, how it works, what results they should expect (with our guidance), what kind of person I am looking for and how I am going to support them. THIS SATURDAY will be my first presentation so if you are reading this and are interested in this spot then follow my FB PAGE HERE to get updates.


Ultimately I am not quite moving as fast as I would like but I really can only focus on what I am doing. THAT part needs to improve. This week is critical to getting that momentum. I am so glad I have this blog to not only be real about where I am but also get some accountability. THE TRUTH IS I am going to get everything I want one way or another. I don't care how many mistakes I have to make to get there. I already know everything I do is designed to be mutually beneficial for me and everyone who decides to be involved with me personally and business wise.