Thoughts can heal the body

I believed i was sick and there was nothing i could do about it. 

When you are young and adults are telling you that you have a pre-determined genetic condition that could shorten your life it's... hard to believe. I am so glad it was really hard for me to believe it too. I'm only sorry it took me a very long time to lean I could think my way better.


My personal power message and daily activities

My daughter who typically likes to stay in her room and do her own thing really wanted to go on a walk with me this morning which is very unusual. 

That's a positive because she is one of my kids that I wanted to create a deeper connection with. So I started sending her messages everyday telling her I loved her, what I loved about her and then I would share some cool info about something she likes hearing about. 


The lesson I learned is that real connection can be created with small focused messages every day. Depending on where the relationship the amount of time it takes is the only difference. 

How this applies to my health is that I can do smaller things everyday that are challenging but can also be done over a long period of time without leading to burnout will give me the LONG TERM results I want with my weight and my health. 

This can also be applied to my spirituality by remembering daily mediation and prayer will create more space in my mind and life in the long run which is what I truly want with my life productivity.

How this easily applies to my relationships to my kids and wife are the same. Simple actions every day on a consistent basis planned and executed specifically to let them know I think about them every day. I will never lose focus.

When it comes to my business I will always remember that massive results can come with a long term commitment to the small and realistic. Much like my daughter my business and success will reciprocate once I show it that same attention on a daily basis.


I realize that when I get two the point of desperation with any part of my life it is because of a lack of commitment to the small and realistic.


In the next 48 hours I am going to list out the small things to serve one thing in my health, one thing in my spirit, one thing in my relationships and ONE THING IN MY BUSINESS. This will guarantee massive growth.

day 12 of 90