The worst part about Network Marketing

5 years ago I was fired from a job that I spent the previous 7 years sacrificing all my time and energy to grow with. When we had the chance to build a Network Marketing business you better believe I imagined everything would be just perfect!

I was wrong

Not only is Network Marketing not perfect but it's so damn HARD! Here's why. 

When you fall head over heals in love with a product and a company you have to realize you went through a process that cannot be forced. When dōTERRA helped our family with our health through essential oils we were blown away. When we built a business with this amazing company our future changed. 

There was a process that I went through to really commit 100% to it all and that is not something that can be forced onto other people as quickly as me. Well, not on a regular basis. 

To be honest sometimes I wish I could just copy my experiences with these amazing products and with how the business is sustainable and paste them onto other peoples minds... but that's just silly!

Anyway back to reality

When people jump into this world of ours they usually do it because they really want to try out the oils and other products. They want to be customers and have nothing to do with the business and THAT'S GREAT!

The truth is that 90% of the 75,000 people in our organization are customers who haven't sold a single drop of the oils to someone else. What's even better is they get to pay the exact same price that we do for these products. As the song in Pete's Dragon goes, "There's room for everyone in this world"

Here's where the worst part about Network Marketing comes in.

When people get enrolled and they say, "I want nothing to do with this business". I want the oils" we say, "No Problem". Then they get their oils and everything is perfect until (what often happens) they change their mind and suddenly decide they DO WANT TO TRY THE BUSINESS!


Angela and I are committed to this business and every person in it but let's be real. We can't help everyone so we have to delegate support. We do our best but sometimes people are placed in our organization in a place where we have to find a way to make sure they are getting every bit of support they can get. Frankly, everyone deserves that support. 

Here's why Angela and I are so popular with people who are NOT IN OUR BUSINESS.

"I don't feel supported. I don't feel needed"
Is something we often hear from people at the annual conventions and leadership events. There are so many people who decided later on that they wanted to build a business and they are just being left behind by their leadership. 

OR They were enrolled by someone who wasn't serious and just "tried" it then quit after  it got a little hard and so they aren't helping them either

OR they were placed so far down in their business that they are too far away to really make time spent with them worth it by their upline leadership. 

OR a mixture of the two. OUCH!

2 TIPS when deciding to join a Network Marketing Business.
1. Enroll with someone who isn't just "Trying" it. Make sure they are committed to their business and they will be committed to you.
2. DON'T ENROLL with your friend because their feelings might be hurt if you don't. THIS IS BUSINESS... IT'S MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP. 

Now... back to why Angela and I are popular with people who are NOT IN OUR BUSINESS.

3 years ago we started a podcast where we share everything we do and learn with the world. FOR FREE! These episodes have helped people all over dōTERRA to build a business and find themselves. It was so popular we even created a Facebook group with over 1000 members from it. 

We would answer emails and Facebook messages for people not in our business. We would do periscope and now Facebook live trainings for anyone and everyone.

Then we took things to another level by offering personal coaching, created a training website for anyone who wanted to get the trainings our leaders were getting from us and even started doing GROUP coaching programs!


We want to help ANYONE who wants to win at this business. It breaks our hearts where we hear about people not being supported by their leadership. THIS BUSINESS IS OUR PASSION and the people who choose to go for it and make it a real profession... we want them all to succeed in the worst way.

It doesn't matter if you are in our business or not. If you want the help we have something for you.

To anyone who chooses this profession I say to you it's not perfect but it's better than anything else. 

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