The STORIES that hold us back



... you tell stories.. You tell them every day. Some give you freedom to create and some paralyze you from doing what you need to do to get what you want.

I told myself the nastiest stories in my past and it wasn’t until recently I realized I STILL DO IT! In fact I just fell way behind on my blog because of some lie I chose to believe was true. I also learned that the smarter we are the more bullet proof we make those stories.

I would love the opportunity to be challenged by someone who really thinks they don’t tell stories that limit them. In fact believing you don’t tell stories IS A STORY!

TODAY I did a full training on this concept and even had the pleasure of working with someone who I feel is powerful because she and I really worked out a story she was telling based on something someone said to her.

WATCH AND SEE how we worked it out together.

By the way this is take from an event for YOUR OIL TOOLS. I love this company so much and the owners are like family to me.