Should I use my personal page or A Business page to build my business?


I have really battled with this for a long time. I was getting conflicting advice from experts and that made it difficult to decide.

The question is, "If I am building a business should I use my personal page or should I create a Business Page?"

If you have fought with this too then it is my goal to only share why this strategy will work for me but it doesn't mean it's right for everyone.

To FULLY understand my point of view on this you have to watch my most recent FB LIVE. Click the button below.

Here is what I didn't talk about in the video

A step by step guide to help you decide when it's time to use a Business Page

1. Do FB Live videos in your personal page consistently to help you find out who your target market is.

This was HUGE for me because not only did it give me confidence but it also let me know who was listening. It's really hard to tell when you see 30 views and no one has "Liked" or commented on your video. So I really worked hard at making videos that made it easy for people to feel comfortable to engage.

PRO TIP: Don't ever tell people to comment if they are interested in what you are selling. They won't. Most people don't like to be manipulated. This is obvious and does not work. HOWEVER... there are very subtle ways to help a person identify themselves as a prospect/lead. TRY THIS... Do a video that addresses a problem that your product solves. Don't talk about the product AND mention how good it feels to be living a life without that problem anymore. Then casually mention if anyone is interested on how you solved it just message you personally. That way they can reveal themselves anonymously and comfortably. 


After your videos are getting at least 100 views then I think it's time to start moving those friends of yours over to a place where you can be more focused in your messages. Create a BIZ page that really highlights YOU and your personality. Not your product or the company who created it. There are a lot of great trainings out there that help with this.  Message me if you want some 1 on 1 advice. 


FB has a great feature where you can send a message to your friends and invite them to "LIKE" the page. This will help you better identify who your target market is. Even if those people are already customers of the product from someone else's business from the same company. After you have at least 500 people added to that group you will have a good idea by looking at the demographics.


Take this one with a very small step at a time. I started with $10 and ran a 2 day "LIKES" ad. I chose a group that matched my demographic and made sure to exclude people who were already using my products. I also play with this regularly. I like to experiment to see what happens with different demographics.

5. DO A FB LIVE IMMEDIATELY with a Call to action.

The people who are "Liking" your page are going to see that video right away (FB wants to be #1 in online video marketing) and so getting their eyes on your video will be easy. Give them a task that will help them take the next step in the buying process. Request a sample, Attend your online presentation, Message you for help, etc etc.

That will have to be it for now.

OK. I know. I am leaving out a lot of major details but this is just a basic strategy. 

POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS and I can give more info or go to the front page of this website and Request a 1 on 1 with me. Get on my calendar!

I hope this helps!



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