How long does it take after a set back to get back to work?

It is always different for me. The longest it ever took me was 3 years. I was fired twice in a 60 day period and it took me 3 years to get past the story that I was telling myself. 

"I am not valuable"

That was the story. I focused on it. Made it bigger. Constantly sought proof that it was true and so there I remained trapped in my body and mind. My capacity to do good with my life striking more and more every day.

Sound familiar?

Watch the video below.

Do not watch this video until you have watched what happened yesterday

CLICK HERE if you haven't watch it yet. Then come back to this one. 


 Today I set into motion 3 projects. DESPITE CHALLENGES

1. A group to launch a major charity opportunity
2. Planned and Launched a Las Vegas event
3. Created a 5 day LEVEL UP challenge

The details on these are coming soon as we work them out this weekend

Today I got really pumped today after I decided to start and finish 3 big projects with the help of some awesome people. It came from bouncing back after what I thought was a set back

It's a positive because massive set backs always present inspired outcomes. I just need to say to myself it's there. All I have to do is find it.


What I learned was that inspired ideas come from my painful experiences after I take action to better myself


This applies to my body because I can keep working out and eating on plan. Even when set backs happen there's something of powerful value coming. I just have to look for it.

When it comes to my spirituality I can always remember that heaven father always has my back. I can use every event (no matter how I feel about it at first) as an opportunity my heavenly father is blessing me with.

When it comes to my relationships with my kids and wife I can always remember that they love me. They truly want me in their lives. Even when they get frustrated with me and lash out I can always see it as proof that they love and desire a deep connection with me. I can always ask how is this your way of wanting to connect with me? LOL!

How it applies to my business is easy. The numbers DON'T LIE! It's all feedback and is an indication that my business loves me unconditionally. It will always tell me the truth. I just need to read it and see how it's to my benefit.


Everything is to my benefit. No matter how I feel about it at first.


I am committed to sharing my lessons with others because it keeps me honest and accountable.