My plan for presidential diamond


I love that there are tools that we can use or create to help us have MASSIVE DREAMS that we want to accomplish. Being able to take this big goal and break it down into small bite sized chunks is powerful.


When I think it's overwhelming I shut down. When I make it small and realistic I get to work. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE HOW I BREAK IT DOWN.

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My daily power lesson

Someone posted something on Facebook and it triggered me to comment by assuming I knew everything and made a judgment call without all the facts.

It’s a massive positive because I realized when I saw what was happening I did the exact same thing that I was upset with them for doing. 


The lesson I learned is that when I think I know all the facts and respond emotionally then I am wrong 100% of the time.


When I think I know what’s going on with my body based on my emotional situation I jump to  conclusions and make bad decisions based on incorrect information. When I get emotional about my health it’s better to stop do the research on what I am actually doing. Get a clear measurement of where I actually am and make a better well-informed decision going forward from there. Even after a poor decision with eating I can still correct course in three hours.

When it comes to my spirituality this applies especially when I stop doing the work daily on myself I lose control of my focus because my emotions become overwhelming. The bottom line is that if I do the work daily on my meditation and my positive focus triggers like this don’t happen because I am taking off A more clearer mindset.

This especially applies to my relationships with my wife and my kids because when I see them unhappy I instinctively take ownership as if I have done something wrong. The truth is I don’t have all the facts and when I assume I have done something wrong by asking the question, "Are you mad at me?" then I make things worse. When it comes to my relationships to my wife, kids and with myself then doing this exercise daily will keep my mind clear when it comes to my relationships and I’ll be a better service to myself and others around me.

This lesson perfectly applies to my business because sometimes I get emotionally involved when I think I know what the people in my business are doing versus what they’re actually doing it just gets worse. I don’t know all the facts so there’s no way I can make a proper judgment on what they are doing versus what they are not doing. Even with the lack of results there could be a maximum effort and opportunities for support and coaching rather than judgment. This also applies to the customers and the people I am marketing to. The truth is they know exactly what they want and they know exactly where to get it from because that’s what they are currently doing. It is my job to offer new perspectives on their world views and self views then leave it up to them to make the decision because they have all the information they need


My biggest revelation is that when I emotionally react to people and take on the belief that they don’t know what they’re talking about it means it I don’t know what I am talking about and I need to do the work. This means that if I ask questions I learn their perspective. When I learn their perspective I am of better service to them. Even if I can’t offer solutions at least I helped them get more clear.


I am committed to getting clear about the judgment that I am making emotionally with my body, my spirit, my relationships and in my business. I will write them down and be aware of them in case they ever become triggers in the future. Doing a 20 minute power focus like this on those triggers will create more power and growth in my life and business.


A revelation that I am getting from reading the THE BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Is to ask four questions the it comes to our systems, processes and functions in our business.

1. What Can be Eliminated?
2. What can be reduced?
3. What needs to be increased?
4. What can be added that cannot be found anywhere else?

When I ponder on this idea I get excited because it allows me to look at all the things I do every single day. My systems, my practices and actually get clear about what’s working, what’s not working, what can we reduce, what needs to be increased and what is something brand new we can offer that no one else does.


I’m gonna take some time and get clear about my process when it comes to recruiting, training and leading the people in my business. What things do I do that can fit into any one of those three original questions? Once I’ve made the proper adjustments what can I add into that fourth category?


When it comes the subject of getting a clear look at where I am the road block is always the same. My fear of finding out that my processes and all I’ve been doing really sucks and makes no sense whatsoever.

I will practice letting go and stop judging myself. The best way to do that is to just start take account of everything I do in my business generates and choose to love it and myself where we are. PRACTICE ALWAYS MAKES PERFECT! Loving myself from where I am is something I wish to MASTER!