My painful male experience

do the work and don't tell me how you feel about it

That was how I percieved what a man did and was. 

However there was something I couldn't ignore. 


Here's what happens when a man like me tries to ignore his emotions because the people around him hate it when he shows them.

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My daily power message and story

I started reaching out to my daughter who hasn't spoken to me in a year and today I noticed she is saving my messages.

This is a positive because this means even though she is not talking to me she is not ignoring me. 


Things that appear impossible can be achieved with consistent and sincere effort every day.


When it comes to my health goals I can reach my goal of 228 lb guaranteed as long as I commit to consistent sincere effort every day. Staying on plan can be an emotional daily decision.

When it comes to my spirit daily prayer is required. A sincere conversation with my Heavenly Father helps make the impossible POSSIBLE by staying sincere in my daily prayer.

This lesson is obviously applying to my relationships with the focus rebuilding of trust with my oldest daughter who I think about every day.

When it comes to my business I can remember that daily invitations and commitment to focusing on solving the problems of others will bring me results daily.


The truth that I am discovering here is that massive change requires consistent, sincere and small actions daily that bring on massive results in the long run.


I am committed to keeping my daily self development small and consistently done before 8am every day.