My painful Doctor Visit


My purpose in life comes from the most painful experiences in my life. The truth is that I wouldn't have much passion for what I do if it didn't solve really difficult problems that I have learned how to navigate. 

Taking about it on a daily basis has also helped me realize how many people have so much in common with me. Once I realized there was not only a personal way I could grow but I could also help others grow AND MONETIZE IT so I can do it for a living!


If you are looking to create a business for yourself start by asking yourself these 6 questions.

1. What problems did I have that were aweful?
2. What kind of pain did it cause?
3. What was life after I found a solution?
4. How can I teach it to others?
5. How can I increase my marketing skill to be able to reach more people who were like me?
6. How can I increase my sales skill so I can make this a business so that I can do it full time?


He discusses making money. In order to grow an income that is sustainable and will allow you more freedoms in life then you must grow from E to S to B to I.

Getting clear about the problems you had, what the pain was like, what your life is like now with the new possibility and how you got there is the clearest way to get moving forward.

atch the video below so you can see why my passion behind my business fuels my personal growth as well as my business growth.

WHY MY BUSINESS IS PERSONAL part 1: My Painful Doctor Visit

In case you are wondering about those vitamins I mentioned

My daily lesson

I just spent the last 13 days documenting my 90 day push and I have had a few people message me that they are enjoying following. 

That’s a positive because pushing myself can effect me. Pushing myself in front of others can effect more than just me.


I can effect change in more than just me by being vulnerable about my passions and what I am doing to follow them.


I can more effectively lose weight and prove hmmm health by talking about it and making it relevant for others.

When it comes to my spirit I can be more spiritual and honor my morality by being honest about what I am doing daily. 

When it comes to my relationships I can do the work required to repair my relationship with my oldest daughter who I miss and make it relevant for anyone else going through the same things. 

I can be held publicly accountable for the growth of my business by being honest about where we are with it. I don’t have a boss and keeping the details about my business a secret tells too many lies about what we do. Full transparency in my business will help others more understand the infinite value to doing what I do.


The big realization for me is that being 100% vulnerable and transparent creates personal growth and value for others. Hiding it doesn’t challenge me or anyone else.


In the next 48 hours I will do a FB Live about where I am with my goals. Be absolutely real, raw and relevant. Share my plan to improve. THE SPECIFICS.