I love shopping on AMAZON!

Amazon has become a major blessing in my life..

i know that sounds funny to read but there have been so many times I really need something and the truth is that having it delivered to me in 2 days saves time. TIME is the most valuable commodity we have ever been given. There is no way you can ever convince me that MONEY is more important than time. Saving money can never beat saving time.


Did you fully understand that? That means you can create time by being strategic. You can even buy more time. Here is my equation on how to know when it’s a good idea to invest money into creating time.

IF the cost of my time is more than the payoff then I don’t spend time. For example, if it takes me 3 hours to do laundry then that’s 3 hours of my time I have invested. What I could do with 3 hours of time time has a dollar value. If I can pay someone less to do the laundry for me then I just created TIME and MONEY for myself.

Look at it this way. Doing Lundry takes 3 hours.

I can generate $1000 with 3 hours of work.

If I pay someone $100 to do my laundry for me then I walk away with a net profit of $900.

That has to make sense.

Amazon saves me massive amounts of time and thus creates massive amounts of money and time. I can spend that time with my kids playing games, doing blogs that generated leads, prospect people who want to buy oils from me and so on and so on...

NOW!!! I am going to use Amazon for even more... Watch the video below and see how my love for Amazon will benefit you very soon.

Then I put this post up right afterwards to get. People to allow people to be able to share the things they love that I can add to my first giveaway on this blog.

As soon as I get my first giveaway up and it goes well I would like to do more. Share the things you would love to see in a giveaway in the comments of this BLOG POST. O!

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