How to START when you desperately want more

Knowing what you don't want anymore is a good place to start...

One of the toughest questions I have ever had to answer was, "Eddie... what do you want?"

I was so good at making my life so general to avoid feeling bad when I wasn't doing work to grow myself that I had lost touch with my true self. I honestly believe that true happiness was never going to be possible for me unless I was crystal clear about what I wanted. When I wasn't sure and my life was (like someone once called) "Wandering generalities" it was easy for me to do things that didn't bring me joy but felt like it was right. LIKE... working long hours at my job even though it was only solving immediate problems. The truth was that working for someone else never solved LONG TERM problems. It actually created them. It separated me from loved ones and my own personal desires.

Well how could it work? The truth was that I didn't know what I want so I served the needs of others at my own life expense. 


Do you ever feel like you are sacrificing the opportunity to even get clear about what you want because you are so damn busy doing someone else work? 

Does it ever bother you or even occur to you that THEY ARE PERFECTLY CLEAR about what they want and that it doesn't matter if you have a dream or not?

ATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. HERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO START. Once you get started it will become difficult to stop.

If you are really looking for a way to find out what you want and who you are then it's time do take a step. 

CLICK HERE and send me a message with this phrase. "Hi Eddie, I would like some help figuring out what I want"

I will send you a training I did right after I had finally overcome my blocks and wanted to teach others how I did it.