How to start being more productive and stop hesitating


If you are reading this then you (or someone you care about) probably suffer from the same things I did. It starts when I get excited about something I want to do. Then I get terrified to try it out due to a fear it will be another massive failure that I will look back on with regret and embarrassment.

If you have ever lost a moment of life from hesitation then this blog post is what you have been looking for.


What I am about to share with you will sound crazy and even seem painful at first. I am also not going to lie to you and tell you it’s not.

If you don’t read on then it is very likely you will continue to lose more valuable time and opportunity by simply hesitating. Did you know Money and Success LOVE SPEED? When we hesitate Money and Success move on to the people who don’t.

If you are done with living a life controlled by your fear and held back by consistent hesitation then let’s get real!

When I was a “Fitness Counselor” (salesperson) with a large health club I was under daily pressure to drive traffic to the gym and close. CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE!

Every time I had a sale I was left alone.

Every time I missed a sale I was written up.

For a newly married man and father to a new baby girl this was stressful. It became something I was dreading. Every time I failed to make a sale I was consistently feeling pain and embarrassment.

This caused anxiety every time someone came into my gym interested in a membership. Hesitation and fear became my teammates. At some point the pain became more than I could bare. Do you know how that feels? Have you experienced this anxiety when opportunities for success show up?

It wasn’t long before that pain eventually won over and I quit that job.

The reason I quit was not because I couldn’t do the jab. It was because I could not see the value of my experiences. Particularly my failures.

Here’s the HOPE you are looking for.
Many years later I learned how to use my failures and it has not only helped me live a happier life but it has also given me the chance to make thousands of dollars making a real difference in other people’s lives


First, I got committed to developing myself.

I read FAILING FORWARD by Job C. Maxwell. It changed how I looked at me. This was the part that HAD TO CHANGE.

Second, I came up with a simple exercise.

I took one of the most painful experiences of my life and did the work on seeing the value of what I learned from them. (I share that process step by step at the bottom of this blog)

Once I was able to see the value in my mistakes I began to be grateful for making those mistakes. I began to be GRATEFUL! Grateful for the things I did that made me hate myself! I saw value in my instincts.

I became excited by the lessons I learned from this exercise and started broadcasting live video on Periscope and Facebook teaching these lessons. EVERY DAY! I had plenty of failures to talk about.

After a year of doing that and getting message after message from people who struggled with the same things I did, I finally saw the TRUE value in my failures. I realized the truth that keeps so many people from doing the things that makes people successful.

Your skills, abilities and points of view are UNIQUE and your problems are COMMON.


Once I realized I was of real value to people I came out and opened up a coaching business. In my first month I made over $5000 and got to do something that made me so happy. I got to REALLY make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s been over a year and I still take on coaching clients. In fact I have never gone a single month without having at least 2-3 people I work with. It’s been a dream come true.

Do you think after all that I don’t see the value in my mistakes?

Do YOU see the value in my mistakes?

Bottom line. I HESITATE LESS AND LESS NOW. This has brought me more success because I have less fear of mistakes and set backs.


There are two ways I suggest you start if you want to live a happier life. If you want to see the true value in you and if you want to STOP HESITATING and START DOING THE WORK!

  1. Do the exercise I outline step by step in the video at the bottom of this blog.
  2. Start using a brilliant Essential Oil Blend called “Forgive”. It’s a powerful blend of essential oils that help with mood and feelings of gratitude.

FORGIVE essential oil blend (through scents) helps people discover the liberating action of forgiving, forgetting and moving on. It’s a proprietary blend of Spruce Leaf, Bergamot Peel, Juniper Berry Fruit and a few other powerful plants that are part of an aromatherapy kit. AWESOME STUFF!!! More on that later...

When you are in a place of gratitude you are in a place where you can be of value and service to others.

When you are in a place of anger or fear from failures you are not able to help anyone or even ask for help.

Gratitude will save your life.


  1. Click Here for the video with the breakdown on how I find value in my most painful experiences.
  2. Click here for a link to my calendar. If you want me to take some time and work with you on this then go ahead and schedule time with me at no cost to you. We can also talk about the essential oil blend FORGIVE if you don’t already have access to it.



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