How to Improve confidence by being more organized


It's TRUE!

People who lack confidence also tend to lack organizational skills

In this blog I will give you a couple tips on how to improve your confidence by helping you improve your organizational skills

First a warning: If you do not take a good hard look at what is happening with your actions in response to how you think... then things will never change. You will be stuck in a never ending loop of things not getting done and your confidence never really improving.

Here is a great way to get more organized and get more things done consistently.

1. Get real about where you are with your organization.
Ask a couple good questions. What is it you are not getting done consistently? What is your idea of how hard/complicated it will be to get it done? When you think about doing it do you just want to lay down and stare at your phone? What do you do when you look at your TO DO list? What is the reward you get for doing something else instead of doing what you know you should be doing?

2. Write down the pattern

First there is always a "CUE". It's an event that takes place that sets your actions in motion. You have a habit of doing the same thing when this particular "CUE" happens and so it's important to get to know yourself by writing down what you do. 

Then write down the reward you get for doing it. Realize that the simple reason you are not doing the work is because you CRAVE the feeling you get when you put it away instead of doing it.

3. Create a CRAVING for what it will feel like to get it done

Here is a classic example. 

I HATE housecleaning. HATE IT! However I have 6 kids and so housecleaning is something that needs to be done.

THE CUE: I see a mess and realize it has to be cleaned
THE PATTERN: I walk past it and say to myself, "I'll get to it later"
THE REWARD: The relief I feel when I walk away

In this classic example I need to replace that pattern with something that is going to give me the same REWARD but create results instead.

THE CUE: I see a mess and realize it has to be cleaned
THE PATTERN: Clean it immedaitely because I know how good it will feel when my wife sees me helping around the house and how good I feel when I am getting things done
THE REWARD: The relief I feel when I get things done

As long as I believe taking action will give me a reward that I already crave then I will begin to take actions consistently. 

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Final thoughts...

When we are in action we can only feel one thing.

A sense of accomplishment.

As long as we believe we are accomplished then confidence begins to grow. So the next time you catch yourself putting something off you have to ask yourself...


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