How to connect with people on Social media


I have spent the last 3 years of my life trying to find value in my own experiences by sharing them consistently on social media. After my wife and I built our business using social media I set out to build another using only internet marketing. That's 2 businesses and all with the power of connect with people.

Here are a couple things that I have learned that really work for me.

In my honest opinion ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

I make it a point to share where I learned what I know from. Mostly they come from very painful experiences in my life. This has not only helped me build a business online but it has also helped me see the value in my failures.

#2 Don't give in to the LIES that keep you from taking action
Most people actually think their struggles are unique and their skills are common. I can tell you (after coaching numerous other people) that this is absolutely the opposite of the truth. Once you take on the belief that your skills are unique and your struggles are common it gives you the responsibility to share either how you solved it or how you plan to solve it. Then you can empower others who struggle with the same things to join you on your journey. A GREAT reason to hit to "Like" or "Follow" button.

#3 Decide what you want to learn or accomplish and invite others to join you on your journey
ou have to get good at telling your story. Telling it in a way that others can follow. (Don't believe for one second that your story isn't interesting. If you really want to know how to break down your story then message me. I can help you break it down very easily.

In this video below I get into more detail about this.


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