My 90 day PUSH - DAY 1

I am leveling up big time over the next 6 months. I know how to have an amazing marriage. I know how to have deep connections with each of my 7 children (well except one who I am failing miserably with right now) and I know how to build a multiple 6 figure business. 

hat I want is more and if I don't do this then I know something I really don't want is coming.

I am going all in. FULL TRANSPARENCY. I want to share everything. What my goals are. How I break them down. exactly what I am doing every day to make that happen and so on. It's going to be thousands and thousands of dollars worth of training and content that YOU GET TO HAVE FOR FREE.

My only fear for you is. If I give it to you for free will you not use it? 

Join me on this journey as I share content every day, my own personal study and research, the negative stories I will be overcoming along the way and more. 

THIS BLOG will be the hub for all the content and I will spread little parts of it over multiple platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Podcasts. 



This morning I played ball again and I was exhausted after the first couple games. I was on fire and then missed everything I shot and my guy was scoring on me left and right.

What happened was positive because it was undeniable truth andout where I am physically, it gave me a true place to measure myself, and was solid proof that greatness never comes easy. It comes after time and staying consistent.


I learned that I can’t get frustrated if I WAS good at something before and then not after taking a break. 

With my health I can only expect results after a long time commitment to doing the small things everyday. Keep it simple. 30 minutes of sweating everyday. If I’m sweating I’m growing.

With my spirituality I have to maintain commitment to listening to uplifting audio everyday. Especially first thing in the morning. My mind will grow when I stay committed.

With my family and relationships I maintain a commitment to doing simple things every day and every week. Date night with my wife must always be scheduled and in the calendar. 15-30 minutes a day with each of my kids doing something simple. Even leaving encouraging post it notes hidden in their room for them to find.

With my business I will do daily business study, teaching and applying simple concepts daily. 15 minutes a day minimum, create a plan for application and teaching it all on my business FB page to create value at the same time.


Commitment to the small things daily will make me unstoppable. 


I will complete every task I laid out here every day. use my FB business page as my accountability. I made a promise to deliver.

BUSINESS STUDY and application

I am reading THE BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne (Marketing)

The revelation I got today is that in order to create a Blue Ocean in my business I must get away from our current customer base. Seek out NON CUSTOMERS because the only thing the current customer base can tell me is that they want more features we already offer for less.

This is exciting because it saves me the hassle of going out to our customer base to do research on how to expand our business. I feel excited because this gives me the freedom to be more ME!

The next step is to build up my fan base on my business page bit by bit by expanding FB ads into the different areas I am going to be traveling to. I want to seek out people who are interested in the business first and the oils second and appreciate my message and who I am.

One danger could be wasting a lot of money on fb ads if I am not specific on my strategy

I will create a clear plan to attract entrepreneurs to my FB page, focus it on a particular area I am traveling to and have a plan to capture those leads and directly market to them weekly, monthly and yearly. Offering value every day so that they can decide for themselves if they are interested in a position with my business and hitting a goal to be able to make $4-$7K per month by January 2019.