How did WEEK 6 go?

I must really want to do this because I have kept going every time I felt like quitting.

Public embarrassment was once my biggest fear. I really dreaded it. NOW I KNOW WHY!

The truth is that I have always felt like I was holding myself back. If I really shared EVERYTHING about my life to people then they would know I was a fraud. That's what I use to think many years ago and so when I would fail publicly NOW THERE WAS NO HIDING IT!

What's changed? How did I overcome my fear of public embarrassment?

I committed to proving to myself that I AM AWESOME! I AM VALUABLE. I am someone people come to for help and advice. See may blog form yesterday and that's it!

Once I believed I was valuable then there is no reason to ever feel ashamed for where I was in the eyes of other people. Once I felt strong about myself I lacked the ability to be humiliated. This 90 day push is a way to get everything out so I can achieve a level of freedom people only dream about. 

I am AWESOME at what I do and being able to write that in a public blog or forum is amazing. It means I am totally secure in myself. This means NOTHING is out of my grasp. This BLOG is all about helping everyone who comes in contact with me to be able to learn that for themselves. 



  1. 228 lbs by August 31st

  2. A 95% in Spirituality

  3. A 95% in Relationships with Kids and Marriage

  4. Presidential Diamond by December 2017. NEED 5 qualified people who want $1500/mo


  1. 247 (I lost that pound!)

  2. 85% Prayed and meditated daily but didn't journal

  3. 95% (Spent a lot of time with family and dated Angela

  4. 80% made great connections this week and team is struggling this week and we are having to push at the end of the month to help people we love to make their goals.


What's working?

1. Saying "NO"

2. Meeting with the expert about my leg and found clarity. Fueled my spirit. I'll be back on the basketball court in no time!

3. Daily commitment to connecting with my kids and making sure Date Night with Angela always happens.

4. Weekly group calls and always maintaining posture in ourselves and holding people accountable to do the work required. The work required to get what they publicly declared they want.

What's not working?

1. Not making dinner myself. It's after 3pm I notice when my ability to make good decisions is weakest.

2. Not journaling daily. I want to let people in.

3. Not having an agenda to my time with my kids. What am I trying to accomplish? How will I know I connected with them?

4. Not measuring results more often. Allowing people to slip in their numbers. 

Strategy to improve

1. Make "ON PLAN" dinner every day starting at 3pm.

2. Journal everyday at the gym. If I get it done before everyone is up it always works

3. Document something new I learned about my kids every day. (FUN!) I can keep a journal of my meetings with them and then give them the journal someday.

4. Get their numbers on Sunday night. Share them with them on Monday morning. Set a personal goal for the week and have them share their results at the weekly meeting.

My feelings about this week

Feeling really good about where I am. I find that it doesn't matter where I am. It only matters what I am doing. This is where I can gain strength by measuring my actions and comparing them to my results. I NEVER HAVE TO FEEL DEPRESSED!

I find great strength in that. I THINK I WILL TEACH THAT TOMORROW!