How did WEEK 5 go?

I have decided to LOVE what is happening with my results...

Last week I made the choice to hate on the amount of growth I showed in my life and business. It didn't go well. THIS WEEK I am going to love myself more. I am choosing to love on myself no matter what. It's a blessing to be where I am. Honestly... ANYONE could choose to be there with themselves.

IMAGINE if you were consistently grateful for where you were? 

WHAT would be different about your results?



  1. 228 lbs by August 31st

  2. A 95% in Spirituality

  3. A 95% in Relationships with Kids and Marriage

  4. Presidential Diamond by December 2017. NEED 5 qualified people who want $1500/mo


  1. 248lbs (I put on a pound!)

  2. 70% (Struggling with my leg pain emotionally)

  3. 100% Took everyone to on dates this week and killed it!

  4. 70% Had to push team harder this week due to low numbers. (Summer months tend to be tough but we have to push forward regardless.

What's Working?

1. Eating on plan for breakfast AND lunch. It's easy. There really are no challenges with those times of the day.

2. Always praying and seeking for the value in everything. 

3. Asking myself daily. "Who can I spend along time with right now?" and scheduling dates with Angela.

4. Having everyone part of a group that is working together through the summer months.

What's not working?

1. Failure to say "NO" when everyone around me is eating foods that are not conducive to my weight goals.

2. Not being able to find the value in the pain my leg is in and not asking for help AS SOON as an injury happens.

3. Allowing my family control over my time.

4. Not tracking numbers weekly. I allowed my opinion of where my team appears to be instead of where they actually are.

Strategy to improve

1. Practice saying "NO" to people around me enjoying food that is not conducive to my weight goals.

2. Set up an appointment to have my leg looked at by a specialist I trust

3. Connect with my oldest daughter sho is not talking with me. ASK HER TO TALK TO ME.

4. Track numbers at the start of the week (Monday) and compare them at the end of the week (FRIDAY MORNING before our group calls.

My feelings about this week

I feel as though this is the first time that I am working to find value in everything. I am also grateful that my weight went up a pound but I did not get frustrated. Tracking everything I am actually doing instead of what I feel like I am doing made it very easy for me to know why I gained a pound. No need to be frustrated. If I had been eating perfectly and exercising regularly and still gained a pound then that would be something to be frustrated about.

THE LESSON: Frustration only comes from not knowing why. 

ALWAYS ask experts. ALWAYS do what works. NEVER have to be angry when I am clearly not getting the results I want.