How did the 4th week go?


I have never been good at evaluating myself...

Typically I avoid it as much as possible. I didn't really even know that I avoided it until I started this blog. I realized that in order to make this relevant for other people I had to do a weekly "check in" AND make it easy for others to be able to follow.


I learned that although I am good at being clear about what I want I am getting dramatically better. It's thanks to you. YOU who reads my blog. YOU. On this blog I get reports every time someone clicks on the site. That has pushed me harder than ANY COACH could ever push me. I care what you think. It may be a character flaw but I am going to use it to grow myself. To be of value to you, my family, my amazing wife and myself. For that I am so very grateful for you. Every time you click on this blog you push me to be more. From the bottom of my heart...




1. 228 lbs by August 31st
2. A 95% in Spirituality
3. A 95% in Relationships with Kids and Marriage
4. Presidential Diamond by December 2017. NEED 5 qualified people who want $1500/mo


1. 247 (back on track)
2. 90% in spirituality
3. A 90% in Relationships with kids and marriage (didn't do a  date night with Angela. (Not acceptable)
. BOOM! We found a builder! Only 4 spots left!

What's working?

1. Two intermittent fasts that went from 8pm - 2pm the next day. Also staying on plan 95% of my meals
2. Prayer in the morning and looking at my goals first thing every morning.
3. Taking breaks together with Angela during the day  
4. Talking about the business with everyone. The opportunity always gets mentioned for those who qualify.

What's NOT working?

1. Taking breaks from "On Plan" eating due to emotional decisions after 5pm most nights.
2. Getting out of bed after 6:30am. I need to get up at 5:30 to be able to get my mindset work in on time.
3. Not making sure 2 Date Nights are scheduled. If one doesn't happen the other will
4. Not doing more specific business trainings and personally inviting people interested to watch. 

Strategy to improve

1. Use Cypress on my forearms and Meditation at 4pm to help make better decisions with eating at the end of the day. Cut my business day off at 5pm NO MATTER WHAT to have more energy on Thursday-Saturday.
2. Start meditation by 6:30am and complete my morning routine before 7am.
3. Schedule two date nights with Angela this week. Take Brooklyn out to the movies while her siblings are all out at camps for the week.
4. Schedule a presentation on the business and the opportunity of the remaining 4 positions on Saturday morning at 9am MST. Invite 20 people to that presentation that are interested in hearing about it to see if they qualify. 

My feelings about this week

It's a weird one. I want to be excited about the fact that we filled a spot for our business but I feel like I dropped the ball with the most important things in my life. My mind and my family. Although after my knee has improved and my weight loss is moving forward again I feel pretty positive about it all. I want MONT 2 to blow out month 1. I am going to do it one day at a time.