It's not my rule... it's just the truth.

There are two of you. The one you are right now who get's to live with your results and life the way it is. The who you are right now is responsible for it all. 

Then there's the YOU who you want to be who is going to be responsible for the life you want. 

The only way you are going to stay on the path to getting that is to have a purpose that is stronger than all the fear, doubt, lies you tell yourself and obstacles you will have to face along the way. getting

I thought I would share with you my own painful purpose and how I used it to help me move our business from Platinum to Blue Diamond.

Remember the questions and why they are important to get totally clear about. 

The premise behind the first part is USING FEAR AND ANGER to help you get moving from where you are. The second part is going to be all about discovering what you REALLY want. 

That's coming. It's difficult to figure out what that is without doing some work first. 

By the way... if you ever want some more in depth info on handling Fears and Limiting Beliefs feel free to message me HERE with the word... Fear.


I got up to work out every day this week even though I thought I was too old and in pain to be able to do it.

hat was a HUGE positive because it proved once again that I am unaware of what I am capable of. All I had to do was set the expectation, tell everyone I was going to do it and then I had the focus and strength to do it.


I learned that making public declarations about what I want out of life and what I am willing to do to get it gives me focus and power to do the work.



When it comes to my health this means I can tell everyone that I WAS 230lbs then I couldn't handle all the good that came into my life as a result and so I sabotaged all the hard work and got myself back up to 250lbs in less than 6 months. It wasn't because I stopped exercising. It was because I went back to eating OFF PLAN. I am committing to eating "on plan" again until I get back to my best weight 228. Then I can go into maintaining mode again. I just put this out there for anyone to be able to read and so I have opened myself up to judgment. THIS FUELS ME TO GET THE JOB DONE!

When it comes to my spirituality I can talk to my kids that I don't read scriptures. I can be real with them. Daddy is flawed kids but he also knows what to do about it. He wants to get back to reading scriptures every day and journaling. THIS SCARES ME AND WILL TOTALLY GUARANTEE I GET IT DONE!

This lesson easily applies to my relationships with my kids and my wife. I can continues to be committed to telling them the truth at all time. Never holding back. 

In my business this has already worked tremendously. I have communicated to my entire team what I want for my business, what that means for them and invited them to join me on this 90 day push to grow ourselves and our income. THEY JUMPED ON BOARD and now we meet every week, train and share what's working with each other.

It's inspiring to build a business with people who are only there because they (just like me) want more from life and are willing to do the work together to make it happen for all of us.


Telling the truth about where I really am and making a public declaration about what I am going to do about it is POWERFUL!

The second I got it out. I FELT FREE!


Talk to my kids about my scripture reading problem and my goal. Ask them if they would like to join me in this adventure. At that point I can't let them down. 

I will read one page a day, share my journal notes with them in a place where they can read it if they want.