An embarrassing moment that turned

My biggest fear was Public Embarrassment...

I don't know where it started. I don't know why it because a thing in my life. I only know that at one point in time I allowed that fear to keep me from being someone that I truly wanted to be. 


I know... I use that word a lot don't I? I realized at some point in my life that we are not given much time on this earth. I use to think that I HAD to be valuable so that I would be remembered. That might be part of it but the truth is that when I am doing things that I FEEL are valuable to other people 9in that moment) I am happiest. That's the real reason I do what I do. I need what I do to be valuable because when I am doing it I am truly happy. 

My marriage only makes me happy when I am contributing value to it. Being a father only brings me happiness when I feel I am contributing value to it. My business only brings me happiness when I feel like I am contributing value to it. My health only brings me happiness when i feel I am contributing value to it. 

When I feel like I am made a massive mistake or fallen flat on my face I feel as though I am not contributing value to it. THIS BELIEF I had to do some work on over the years. 

If I said or did something in public that was wrong then it crushed me. It crushed me because I failed to see the value in it. After sharing everything I have been doing to grow myself online for the last 3 years I have learned that my failures are far more valuable then my successes. Especially when I can lay out the step by step on HOW my failures led to every great success.

Here is PROOF of how much better I am at handling public embarrassment. I was doing a LIVE TRAINING for a group of people in BOSTON and I made an embarrassing mistake, in front of everyone, TWICE!!

Watch how I handled it and then watch what happens next. 

Watch how an embarrassing moment creates a special one. 

What would I like for you to take away from this?

Let go of your fears over what will or won't happen when you decide to put yourself out there. Facing your fears is required to grow and most often our fears are based on what we THINK will happen and not actually truth. 

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