I love shopping on AMAZON!

Amazon has become a major blessing in my life..

i know that sounds funny to read but there have been so many times I really need something and the truth is that having it delivered to me in 2 days saves time. TIME is the most valuable commodity we have ever been given. There is no way you can ever convince me that MONEY is more important than time. Saving money can never beat saving time.

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How did WEEK 5 go?

I have decided to LOVE what is happening with my results...

Last week I made the choice to hate on the amount of growth I showed in my life and business. It didn't go well. THIS WEEK I am going to love myself more. I am choosing to love on myself no matter what. It's a blessing to be where I am. Honestly... ANYONE could choose to be there with themselves.

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You don't have to be an expert

"When I do this I will finally be confident..."

If you have ever said this to yourself then you are lying and you don't even know it. That's the worse thing about how I actually believed I had to DO SOMETHING in order to believe in myself. In order to be sure I was valuable. The truth is that I can decide right now or ANYTIME I WANT that I have true value and the only thing stopping me is my belief that I am not confident... yet.

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The TRIGGER that set off my 11 year old daughter

If we don't acknowledge the events that trigger our negative emotions we are doomed to repeat the lack of production that followed them.

Have you ever gotten really angry, sad, lonely or depressed and then there is a period of time that goes by where you don't produce anything? Most likely you stopped serving your own passions and chose to focus on the needs of others for a while. How long did that last? Was it a couple days? A couple weeks? A couple years? Your whole life?

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How did the 4th week go?

I have never been good at evaluating myself...

Typically I avoid it as much as possible. I didn't really even know that I avoided it until I started this blog. I realized that in order to make this relevant for other people I had to do a weekly "check in" AND make it easy for others to be able to follow.

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Our past failures suck!

I know this sounds like an obvious statement but it goes a bit deeper.

When I was first starting to do videos on FB and Periscope I relied on my past to dictate if I could do what was required to be an influence at the level I wanted to. I know that makes no real sense. The truth is that I was setting out to do something I had never done before. What would looking into my past do to help me?

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Stop getting taken advantage of


I recently noticed a couple of my friends who love to give and be of real service to others. It's easy to get sucked in when you are in the middle of it and often times it takes someone from the outside looking in to be able to offer real advice. 

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THE STRESS of having kids home for the summer

Highly intelligent people are the best at telling BULLET PROOF stories that keep us from pushing ourselves every day...

I did a blog post a few days ago called THE STORIES THAT HOLD US BACK and in that post I talked about how we tell stories about our life and the moments that fill it. Today I experienced a really overwhelming story. If you have ever felt ANY kind of negative emotion that really sent you into a spin then WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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