Hi, I’m Eddie

life, business & strengths coach

People come to me to discover what is amazing about them and be challenged to be that at a higher level. I love helping a persona discover what they really want, why it matters and also the massive benefits of working towards that their way.

I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs (from the beginner to the more advanced 6 and 7 figure earners), couples, parents, managers and leaders in multiple areas.

I specialize in helping leaders focus, inspire and lead large teams towards a common goal in the most efficient way possible.

I also have extensive experience with helping Online and Network Marketers grow themselves AND their businesses to create true time, health and financial freedom while staying true to who they really are. 

Eddie has the ability to breakdown the big picture into bite size pieces. He helps you break down your thoughts into exciting very doable steps and success is the result. Check him out for your own coaching needs.
Katrina Sturgill

My Story

how i got here

Corporate Hustler


I took a job with a big company to finally apply myself because my wife had just given birth to our second child, and I felt like it was time to take my career advancement seriously. Over the next 7 years I applied myself and was great at what I did ... SO great that I was promoted 5 times in those 7 years (an almost-unheard-of accomplishment at such a large company). I trained salespeople, helped customers with their life goals, and became well respected in the company. I was even rewarded their coveted “People Serving People” Award, which meant a lot to me because it validated how important serving others is to my success.

Burn Out


I hit a wall … I discovered that the more I grew in that company, the more they demanded of my time. This led to not knowing who my kids were anymore. When I realized what was happening in my home and to my family, I began to reevaluate what 'success' meant to me. My so-called success in business was keeping me away from the people I loved the most in my life. My performance at work began to reflect this inner struggle. I started making mistakes constantly and felt I had lost control of my ability to lead or inspire others. I felt powerless ... by the time they fired me, I was happy to go. I thought a new company and a new state would fix everything.

Let Go & Letting Go


The new job was nothing new at all. Same business, same life, same problems. I knew that even if I was confident in my own abilities, success could not come at the expense of my family. The new company fired me in less than 30 days. I walked home, carrying my small box of personal items, and for the first time in my life, I was terrified. I did not know what I was going to do. I had no job. I had a family of seven at the time. And I had absolutely no desire to work for anyone ever again.



All of this led to my amazing wife and I starting a business that would generate residual income, while allowing me to lean on my strengths of coaching and developing others. I worked a part-time job selling over the phone to make ends meet while we built our business. By the end of 2013, I was finally able to quit that part-time job: we were making 5 figures a month.



By 2015 our business had generated its first 7 figure month and our commissions from those sales were twice what I had ever made working for other people. Even more importantly, I was closer to my family than I had ever been. My marriage grew and we had two more children -- they would never know a life without Dad always being home for them. I am passionate about helping others discover and create this type of 'success' for their own lives and families.


Just watched the Goal Setting workshop. WOW! What valuable information!! I have paid hundreds of dollars in the past for workshops that were not as helpful as this one was. Thank you Eddie for sharing your knowledge, for being such an encourager and motivator, and for offering this valuable workshop for free!! I’m ready to step into 2019 and make it the most successful year of my life.
Darcy Hurst
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How Can I Help You?

honor the happiness of those you love

I have learned this important truth: if we spend our days honoring what makes us happy, learn to use it to help others and discover how to monetize it, there is no limit to what we can create for ourselves and those we love.

Angela and I have made it our mission to help anyone who is ready to live this truth in their own lives, in their own way. It is my goal to help everyone who works with me personally create successful businesses for themselves — in a truly unique manner that serves their own desires for who they really want to be. Sound like you?