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I’m Eddie Villa and I empower people with the skills they need to create long-term freedom in a way that is true to them. Welcome to my online home — a place I’m confident you will find tools to help you grow. This confidence stems from my own experiences of building multiple six-figure businesses, beating the odds in my personal health and wellness (despite a long family history of heart disease), succeeding in marriage to a powerful woman with whom I have raised seven children, and learning to rely on God, my Creator.


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I know exactly what's it like to need support when it comes to building a business, growing a business, finding your strengths, and getting the motivation needed to just keep going. That's why I'm so excited to preview the upcoming launch of my membership website! It will feature loads of valuable resources PLUS expert guests, a library of content, and a network where you can plug in and make connections with other entrepreneurs to accelerate your success -- whatever that success looks like to YOU and your family.



In order to get what you truly want, you have to know who you truly are. Working with me privately for 3-4 months will equip and empower you to find clarity, define your own personal vision, and set actionable goals to get you there.



Interested in specific solutions for yourself or team? My tailored training sessions cover topics ranging from Self Development to Business Strategy and are available for personal or group use.



FREE resources to help you grow your business and your influence, find clarity, and pinpoint areas where you need more support. From motivational audios to great video content, these resources are designed to be shared.